High Tech Corporation Limited specialize in manufacturing DVD, CD, BD, DVD+/-R and CD-Recordable. We were established in 1999 with factory of 14,000 sq. feet in Hong Kong. We have expanded the company from 10 staff to now 60 well-trained employees, and have made a significant improvement and earned great deal of reputation in the market. Our goal is to expand even bigger, and gain most of the marketshare in the optical discs industry. Intro-Sino Printing & Packaging Mfg. Ltd. is the mother company of High Tech which is manufacturing plastic products for many area, like packaging, 3D printing, stationery, Toys......

Irregular-shaped CD/DVD is High Tech major business and the strength of the company. It is innovative and revolutionary to provide different shapes to match clients' demands. They feature delightful and colorful look. They are compatible with the round-shaped discs, they are good to use as brochures, product catalogues, company profile, corporate gift, movie trailers as well as promotional videos. The disc can store any megabyte you desire according to the shape. Data can be texts, pictures, photos, audio, and/or compressed video. Moreover, a direct access to the website and e-mail through the discs is provided. Compared with the paper-made catalogues, Irregular-shape discs not only look more fascinating, but are also more economical and convenient to be distributed at trade shows, exhibitions as well as by direct mailing.

High Tech's irregular shaped CD/DVD are famous for the smooth cutting-edge and accurate logistical timing. We also provide "Optical Disc Total Solution" services for all CD applications including raw media production, programming, designing, cutting, printing, and packaging. We aim to provide excellent products and services with competitive price, and give you the "One-Stop" service that you are always dreaming.

High Tech main markets are US, Japan, and Middle East countries. We are expanding into UK, European countries, Australia, and countries around the Pacific Ocean. Most of our customers are the ISP companies, computer accessory suppliers, IT companies, banks and insurance companies, media companies, and other manufacturers in different industry. We aim to provide even more innovative and attractive products to our customers in order to gain their reputation and market share in their industry.

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