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Other than the disc with replication, we also provide the disc in blank.  For the disc, you can order them with colorful printing which contains logo, picture, message.....

Both silkscreen or offset printing is possible or inkjet printing when the quality is small or in trial order. The disc, same as the discs with data, you can choose your own shapes too, not only the 12cm or 8cm disc but also the card size & irregular shapes too. This is a good tools for giving the individual proposal to your clients.

12cm size-

Write once only:

CD-R         - 700MB  

DVD-R       - 4.7GB   Single side/Single layer

DVD+R      - 4.7GB Single side/Single layer

DVD-R DL  - 8.7GB  Single side/Double layers

DVD+R DL - 8.7GB  Single side/Double layers

BD-R          - 25GB / 50GB


CD-RW      - 700MB

DVD-RW    - 4.7GB Single side/Single layer

8cm size-

CD-R   - 220MB

DVD-R - 1.4GB

Card size -

Rectangular shape or Oval shape / Hockey ring shape

CD-R   - 50MB

(12cm shape CD-R - capacity 200MB)

Irregular shape CD-R / Custom shape CD-R

(8cm shape CD-R - capacity 50MB)

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Shape CD-R inside the disc tray

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