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CD REPLICATION is the professional standard for compact disc production. A glass master etched with your digital content, exactly as it will appear on the replicates. A negative “stamper” is made from the glass master, and is used for pressing your discs. This is the only process used in commercial CD production for software, music, and games. Since the replicas are physically pressed copies, they are 100% consistent with the master content, to assure perfect quality on every single disc.

12cm - 700MB or Audio CD 74mins

8cm - 200MB (mini CD) or Audio CD 20mins

Card size - 50-100MB (Rectangular or Oval shape/Hockey ring shape)

Irregular Shape CD / Custom Shape CD

(12cm shape CD - capacity 30-300MB)

(8cm shape CD - capacity 30-60MB)

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Ticket CD - used as event or concert ticket  (capacity 30-200MB)

Shape CD inside the disc tray

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Rectangular shape CD Postcard with blister packaging

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