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USB drives are a wonderful way to promote your company. They have been around for years, are compatible with most all computers that have a USB port, and have now become affordable to have customized with your artwork and data. Whether they are for your customers or your employees, they are an item of value that people can get excited about.

As a promotional item, USB drives are hard to beat as they are small, easy to use, and will not end up being discarded because the end user knows they can also use the drive for personal use, all the time continuing to show your company logo on the drive.

USB drives are a great way to distribute sales PDF files, video, music, or even a feature length HD movie. Any file that can reside on disc or hard drive can be on a USB drive.

There are several methods to print on the USB, including Heat Transfer Printing, Silkscreen Printing, Water Transfer Printing & Laser Engraving. They are durable and suitable for the surface of the body.

Also, we can help to duplicate the data inside the USB too.  The data can be deletable or undeletable, so you can keep the message forever inside the USB.  This is very useful for the advertising campaign.

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